Alabama Child Support Calculator

Alabama Child Support Calculator

The web page of the Administrative Office of Courts of Alabama shows all important information and forms necessary in applying for child support, visitation and paternity enforcement. The web page also displays two different versions of the Rule 32 of Alabama Child Support Guidelines. The duty to make child support payments entails the regular visitation of the non- custodial parent to the child or children. The Rule 32 of Alabama’s Child Support Guidelines specifies the typical child support amount ordered by the court based on combined income of parents for one-six children. The said webpage also shows the support’s graduated amount which is typically ordered and creates daycare rates for every county.

Rule 32 is concerned with the need of children for medical care and benefits including a reasonably deductible. The exceptions of this rule to customary child support amounts include joint custody, child’s college education expenses, medical expenses and father’s visitation to the child. Child Support Guidelines Rule 32 contains a table which shows the child support amount awarded to parents. However, adjustments can be made for medical care additional expenses, joint custody and private education fees that are paid by the child’s non- custodial parent.

The child support’s award based on the combined income of parents is inclusive of an adjustment for daycare rate per county, medical benefits as well as a medical expense reasonable deductible. Visitation gives the non- custodial parent permissible access to the child and facilitates parenting plan development for the welfare of the child. The website also provides all necessary forms for the establishment of paternity and also a testimony form with relevant and helpful information. Visitation is typically inclusive of summer vacation.

The web page of the Administrative Office of Courts of Alabama also offers a single- paged information form that comes with two pages of helpful instructions to aid the court in finding the non- custodial parent. The court of Alabama determines the controlling order immediately and easily with the proper form available on its site. Rule 32 demands a thorough review of the amount of child support payment once in four years to ensure that the made payments are all current and sufficient for the child or children.

All payments made for child support order of the court are withheld out of the income of the parent and legally processed by the Child Support Payment Center of Alabama. The state requires all payees, recipients and employees of child support to clearly understand the entire processing of payments. The said Payment Center forwards all of these payments to the Department of Human Resources of Alabama within 24 hours. DHR subsequently forwards the payments to Central Disbursement Division of Alabama which delivers the child support payments by debit card, check or direct deposit. Information regarding automatic payment is available 24/7.
An Alabama child support calculator can be used to calculate the possible amount of a child support payment that parents are obliged to make. The results that this calculator provides are merely estimates derived from the information you have provided. The child support amount ordered by the Alabama court for any specific case may or may not be different from the estimated amount provided by an Alabama child support calculator. These calculators assume that only one parent is living with all of the children. This is neither ideal nor suitable for other cases where split custody or joint custody is specified. This tool is only used for informational purposes. Any legal advice is not constituted by this calculator. Everything that surrounds the existence and functions of the calculator is taken from statutory guidelines. Ultimately, it is the court, only the court, is authorized to calculate the exact and proper value of every child support.

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